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Power Greens | Reds | Superfoods

Power Greens | Power Reds | Power Fruits

Probiotic Antioxidant Superfood Supplement
Supports Immune Function & Gut Health

NuMedica: Power Fruits and Veggies for Kids - 300gNuMedica: Power Fruits and Veggies for Kids - 300g
NuMedica: Power Greens Berry - 300gNuMedica: Power Greens Berry - 300g
NuMedica: Power Greens Berry - 300gNuMedica: Power Greens Berry - 300g
NuMedica: Power Greens Chocolate - 300gNuMedica: Power Greens Chocolate - 300g
NuMedica: Power Greens Espresso - 300gNuMedica: Power Greens Espresso - 300g
NuMedica: Power Greens Mint - 300gNuMedica: Power Greens Mint - 300g
NuMedica: Power Greens Premium Berry - 21 ServingsNuMedica: Power Greens Premium Berry - 21 Servings
NuMedica: Power Greens Premium Berry - 42 ServingsNuMedica: Power Greens Premium Berry - 42 Servings
NuMedica: Power Reds Strawberry Kiwi - 300gNuMedica: Power Reds Strawberry Kiwi - 300g

Key Benefits:

  • Gut Health
  • Antioxidant
  • Immune System Support
  • 50 Different Superfoods

Education Article: What is a Probiotic?

NuMedica Power GreensPower Reds and Power Fruits and Veggies for Kids are an excellent way to address gastrointestinal health, immune system support, and digestion. By providing a high ORAC antioxidant value, this gluten-free, dairy-free, superfood may be an excellent addition to your dietary supplement program.

These powerful probiotic antioxidant superfoods are an easy mixing, great tasting and energizing “phyto-nutrient” powder mix loaded with certified organic, whole food plant extracts. They supply a super blend of completely natural vitamins, ionic trace minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, phyto-nutrients and symbiotic intestinal flora for maximum energy, metabolism, fat burning, digestion, detoxification, immunity, repair, recovery, revitalization, and longevity.

Choose from tasty Berry, Chocolate, Mint and Strawberry-Kiwi flavors. Power Fruits & Veggies blend formulated specifically for children. 

● Powerful Antioxidant and Support for Immune Function
● Almost 50 Different Super Foods, No Stimulants or Caffeine
● No Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Preservatives, or MSG
● Enzymes, Probiotics & Fiber For Digestion
● Alkalize Body & Balance PH
● Supports Detoxification of Body Systems

NuMedica Power Greens Excellent Way to Address
Gastrointestinal Health, Immune System Support, and Digestion


One cornerstone concept in aging, wellness, and disease is the concept of oxidation.  This is the same process metals go through as they degrade in nature.

If you know anything about health, pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplementation, and the management of the aging process you have certainly read about oxidative stress and inflammation.

Did you know that oxidation is just a chemical reaction?  Did you know that this chemical reaction is essentially required for the cells in your body to make every and perform many functions?  

When your body makes its energy currency, called ATP, oxidation occurs.  But, it occurs in a controlled and protected fashion within an area of the cell called the mitochondria.  Sort of like a nuclear reaction is useful when controlled within the power plants core reactor; but, when unleashed into the atmosphere, this same nuclear reaction causes destruction.  Oxidation that occurs outside of the mitochondria can damage other parts of the cell likely contributing to disease and aging.

Did you know that our body is designed to adapt and counter the oxidative process?  You body makes a potent antioxidant called glutathione to help clean up the oxidation that occurs as a normal part of life.

So called Superfoods and nutrients are also an important part of reducing oxidationAntioxidant foods and nutrients are those that have the chemical ability to “absorb” the oxidation, so to speak, because they are able to accept the negatively charged electron that causes so much damage to the neutral charged cellular parts.

Power Greens by NuMedica is a potent sophisticated “living food” that provides nutrients, antioxidants, probiotic flora and digestive enzymes that support your body’s ability to prevent damaging oxidative reactions.  

NuMedica Power Greens is sophisticated because it addresses digestion, probiotic needs, and antioxidant needs.  Many people, especially as they age or take anti-acids, do not digest their foods properly.  Adequate stomach acid is necessary for protein digestion and activation of the body’s own digestive enzymes which break down large proteins into smaller, absorbable amino acid building blocks.  Power Greens contains a variety of digestive enzymes to assist with this digestive process such as bromelain (from pineapple), papain (from papaya), and other digestive enzymes (lactase, amylase, protease).  Proper digestion is a basic starting point in wellness.

As your body goes through the digestive process, creating the energy it needs to survive and thrive, oxidation occurs.  Oxidation, when controlled, is a normal process.  Most people, due to poor nutrition, excess stress, and gastrointestinal problems, have too much oxidative stress.  NuMedica Power Greens contains a wide variety of powerful antioxidants from plants and super-fruits (Noni, Mangosteen, and other berries).

Finally, when I think about digestion and gastrointestinal health, I think immediately about the immune system.  70-80% of our immune systems cells are located around the gastrointestinal tract.  The health of our immune system is directly affected by the health of our gut.  The health of our gut is reflected by the balance of intestinal flora, the health of our GI tract lining (inflammation), and our nutritional diet.

NuMedica Power Greens addresses these health needs by providing beneficial bacteria to the gut (Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium) as nutrients known to modulate the immune system response (B-glucan).  The scientific literature suggests that beta-glucan, a long chain sugar found in yeast, mushroom, and grains, helps the immune system in ways that: 1) reduce tumor growth, 2) reduce infection such as in high risk post-operative patients 3) enhance immune health after radiation, and 4) decrease inflammation as seen in allergy and arthritis.

So you see that it is all tied together and NuMedica Power Greens is an excellent way to address gastrointestinal health, immune system support, and digestion.  By providing a high ORAC antioxidant value, this gluten-free, dairy-free, superfood may be an excellent addition to your supplementation program.