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hc3 Trim Lifestyle Program
numedica hc3 trim lifestyle program helps you burn fat and maintain lean muscle now with mct oil

hc3 Trim Lifestyle Program from NuMedica

Buy NuMedica hc3 Lifestyle Program and we will include MCT Moisturizor Lotion sample and a Total Vegan Protein Chocolate or Vanilla sample! For best results, use with NuMedica Total Vegan Protein

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NuMedica: hc3 Lifestyle Program Berry KitNuMedica: hc3 Lifestyle Program Berry Kit
NuMedica: hc3 Lifestyle Program Chocolate KitNuMedica: hc3 Lifestyle Program Chocolate Kit
NuMedica: hc3 Lifestyle Program Strawberry-Kiwi KitNuMedica: hc3 Lifestyle Program Strawberry-Kiwi Kit
NuMedica: Slim-N-Fit PackNuMedica: Slim-N-Fit Pack

Build your own hc3 Trim Program below and save money by getting hc3 Trim Active Complex Drops plus any combination of the five other program supplements. Purchase three or more total products from below and get get for FREE: 3-day Shipping, MCT Moisturizor sample, and Total Vegan Protein Chocolate or Vanilla sample!

NuMedica: Active Complex Drops 2ozNuMedica: Active Complex Drops 2ozActive Complex hc3 Drops Trigger the Body to Burn Fat
NuMedica: Dual-Tox DPO - 120cNuMedica: Dual-Tox DPO - 120cDual Phase Optimizers to Support Phase I & II Detoxification
NuMedica: MCT Oil USP (Small) - 8ozNuMedica: MCT Oil USP (Small) - 8ozMedium Chain Triglycerides
NuMedica: Methyl B-12 Rx LozengeNuMedica: Methyl B-12 Rx LozengeMethylcobalamin - Powerful Cognitive Support
NuMedica: MineralPlex - 120cNuMedica: MineralPlex - 120cAdvanced Multi-Mineral Formula featuring Albion TRAACS®
NuMedica: Power Greens Berry - 300gNuMedica: Power Greens Berry - 300gGreens Formula Featuring High ORAC & Mangosteen™

NuMedica hc3 Trim Lifestyle Program
Helps You Burn Fat and Increase Lean Muscle

image of stop sign

What is hc3 Trim? Have you been waiting for a "SIGN" to STOP doing the same old thing by dieting the WRONG WAY? Look No Further! NuMedica hc3 Lifestyle Program is a 30-day weight management program using a metabolic resetting kit that helps you burn fat while increasing lean muscle mass. There is no HcG, no meals to buy, and you can see amazing results within the first week as this program helps you to re-set your metabolism while reshaping and detoxifying your body. 

hc3 Trim Lifestyle Program™ assists in:

● Burning stored fat as the primary energy source
● Diminishing hunger levels
● Resculpting the body
● Providing proteins to protect muscle from wasting after weight reduction

What You Should Know About Maintaining Optimal Weight

hc3TM Stands for “Healthy Composition the Triple Approach”. This triple approach is what it takes to help improve ones body composition: NUTRITIONDIET and EXERCISE. These three components working synergistically together is what will HELP assist the body to improve its composition. A person does not improve their body composition solely on the hc3TM Active Complex formula, or the nutrition that is included in the program box.

Achieving Healthy Body Composition with NuMedica hc3 Trim Requires Lifestyle Changes

If you are reading this, you certainly realize two things: that our society has a problem with obesity and that weight loss is not simple.

If losing weight was simply a matter of burning more calories than you expend, we would not have a 60-70% overweight population.  

Know this- your body weight is merely a symptom; a symptom of an underlying metabolic imbalance that includes inflammationmalnutrition, the immune system, and the hormone systems. In essence, your body weight, your lean body mass, and your body fat are all the result of how your body is functioning on at the level of the cell.

NuMedica hc3 Trim is a unique program designed to help you lose weight while you change your lifestyle and eating habits. hc3 Trim is a non-hormonal product that helps curb your appetite while you are on a low calorie diet.

But as we said, weight loss requires more than simple caloric restriction and that’s why the hc3 Trim contains the pharmaceutical grade nutrients that your body requires. NuMedica Power Greens is a sophisticated powder blend addressing several needs: potent antioxidants, digestive enzymes which aid in the breakdown of protein and fiber, as well as probiotics, the helpful bacteria that live in your gastrointestinal tract. Your body needs antioxidants, fiber, minerals and nutrients to burn caloriesburn fat, and detoxify.

The hc3 Trim Lifestyle Program kit also contains products designed to nourish your body with vitamins, minerals, and herbs helping with stress hormone production and all cellular function. This includes MultiMedica, a sophisticated multivitamin, MineralPlex, a highly absorbable blend of minerals, Corti-B and AdrenaMed.

It is what you do with your diet and lifestyle on a daily basis that is essential to permanent weight loss. Using nutrients, mineral, antioxidants, and maintaining an ongoing stress reduction program is absolutely essential to having a lean body mass.  

This requires planning, trial and error, experimenting with different ways to exercise and have fun. You want to lose weight to have a better life: more vitality and energy, better self-image, and more physically active.

You CAN HAVE WHAT YOU WANT! If you are willing to begin to put all the pieces together: lifestyle, body health and nutrition, and developing your own wellness philosophy. This process takes time and continual learning but you receive rewards all along the way!

How does hc3 Trim work? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 ...

Step 1. hc3 Trim Weight Loss Program Phase 1 (30 Days Long)  

Take hc3 drops under the tongue daily, and let your hypothalamus work on mobilizing the fat stored in your body. You will also take daily doses of vitamins and minerals included in the kit. Hc3 Trim helps you burn the fat and toxins in your body, resculpting and helping with weight loss.

Eat only 500 calories a day, or as directed by your physician, meals that are easy to fix at home. Your hypothalamus releases the stored fat in your body. This allows your body to consume thousands of calories a day- so there's no muscle waste or starving yourself. Best of all, most people are not even hungry!

Step 2. hc3 Trim Weight Loss Program Phase 2 (21 Days Long)

Phase 2 begins 3 days after you have completed Phase 1. You will now consume 1,200 calories daily. By now, your body and brain have changed the way they view food. Phase 2 comes with a complete booklet on how to care for your body during this period.  Phase 2 is a complete kit that contains all of the vitamins and minerals you will need to make the most of your weight loss.

Step 3. Long-Term Change or Begin Phase 1 Again

Once you have completed your reset period, you should begin moderate exercise that has been cleared by your health professional. You will still need to monitor your food and caloric intake and should have a Basal Metabolic Rate test done to tell you what your new needs are. If you desire more weight loss, you can begin Phase 1 again after Phase 2 has been completed.

NuMedica hc3 Trim Healthy Composition Triple Approach Program Kit Contents:

hc3 Trim Active Complex 2oz - hc3 Trim™  works in the body on an energetic level, producing fat burning and muscle maintaining. hc3 Trim supports metabolic management in three important ways: 1) physiological signaling using the energetic blue print of the hormone which signals the body to convert stored fat to energy, 2) glandular support for the thyroid, and 3) pituitary and hypothalamus to regulate metabolism and mood, and herbal appetite control to reduce excessive hunger.

Dual Tox DPO 120c - Dual-Tox DPO™ During the fat burning process, stored toxins and metabolites are released into the blood stream. Dual-Tox DPO helps convert these released toxins into a water soluble form that can then be eliminated in the urine.

Methyl B-12 Rx 60t - Methyl B-12 Rx™ will help increase daytime energy levels and is an essential nutrient during fat burning.

Mineral Plex - 120c - MineralPlex™ is NuMedica’s advanced multi-mineral formula featuring TRAACS® (The Real Amino Acid Chelate System) by Albion Advanced Nutrition. MineralPlex™ provides the highest quality minerals for optimal absorption and utilization during the hc3 Trim program to replace essential minerals that may be utilized or lacking in the 500 calorie diet.

Power Greens Berry, Chocolate, or Reds Strawberry 30 Servings - Power Greens™ is a great tasting, high ORAC (anti-oxidant rich) greens food that will help to quench the free radicals that may be produced during the fat burning process. Power Greens™ also assists in keeping your pH in a more alkaline state due to the increase of Ketones caused by burning fat as an energy source.

MCT Oil 8 oz - When it is metabolized in the body, it behaves rather more like a carbohydrate than a fat. The fuel of preference for the body is carbohydrate, and the body will use up its store of carbohydrate before using other fuels.

hc3 Trim Lifestyle Program Guide with Sample Menus and Progress Chart

NuMedica's hc3 Lifestyle Program™ is designed to assist the body in burning stored fat as its primary energy source without decreasing muscle mass.

hc3 Trim Lifestyle Program™ also contains essential minerals, vitamin b-12, antioxidants, detoxification support and mct oil to support optimal metabolic management.

NuMedica hc3 Trim Program Metabolic Reset Kit Contents:

Reset PATH™ contains an herbal appetite suppressant and glandular support in homeopathic form. The four glands supported are: Pitutary glands, Adrenal glands, Thyroid glands and the Hypothalamus. These are important for metabolism and mood.
AdrenaMed™ is a concentrated adaptogenic herbal and vitamin remedy featuring standardized extracts of cordyceps, rhodiola and panax ginseng – all designed to support the stress response. Additionally, this formula contains select B vitamins involved in adrenal hormone production to support adrenal stress.
Appe-Curb™ contains a unique blend of ingredients that works with neurotransmitters to satisfy the reward cascade to help curb cravings for carbohydrates (including starches and sugars which are prohibited during the Metabolic Reset Program).
Corti-B Plex™ supports many physiological functions associated with adrenal hormone production and cortisol regulation, as well as enhancing the body’s production of energy. In addition to B vitamins, it contains bioflavonoids for antioxidant protection and acetyl-l-carnitine to enhance the activation of pantothenic acid kinase.
MultiMedica™ is an advanced multi-vitamin and mineral with broad spectrum antioxidant protection used to build up vitamins and minerals that were lacking while on the hc3 Trim Metabolic Program™.
Omega 950 USP™ contains 950 mg of omega-3 fatty acids from ultra pure fish oil. Omega 950 USP™ is verified by the United States Pharmacopeia to ensure the highest quality. Omega-3 fatty acids have many health benefits, but are restricted on the hc3 Trim Metabolic Program™.